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We are proudly happy to serve our high quality electrical items and cables to our costumers.We have a background with electrical goods more than 20 years and We are following the world on time with our new products .We are dealing for our products mainly in Turkey Local market and our suppliers are mainly Taiwan ,China and Japan . If you have any questions about our fields please feel free to contact us.

New Announcement 

W are very proud of the announce our partnership with  Cable Ako .As Ayyildiz Electrics we are the distributor for Ako Cable in 

Central Anatolia  region in Turkey .For more information about our products pls check for Cable Ako

You can also reach us from our e mails 

Phone: 0090-332-409-2834 

Mobile: 0090-533-471-3440

Contact Person:Erkan Ağardan

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